Mom Hack Monday

Two things happened last week that made me think “wow you lazy bum you haven’t blogged in forever! Get it together!!” So here we are two days later than I wanted but we here or I am here typing away late Monday night for my first MOM HACK MONDAY if I finish before midnight it still counts right?

One of our goals as a family this year is to get out more and make plans! It’s so easy to just be lazy, hang out at the house, not really do much of anything special besides errands and a crap ton of laundry!!! I needed to take a purse in to get fixed in Laguna, which made the perfect excuse to go to the top of world for a hike and stop into Tommy Bahamas in Newport Beach after, I worked there for oh I don’t know 12yrs!!! The food there is soooo good! We haven’t eaten there in about 2yrs (lazy and no plans remember) so it was not only the food we wanted but family and fun! There are so many things I miss about working there, mostly the people. Some amazing friendships were forged there, friendships that change you, that light up your life, and never fade from your memory…Im a sentimental sap bare with me… Anyway while talking with some old friends I met a few new ones, one was asking me all about being a mom, being mostly a one income family, starting/owning a small business you know the usual small talk questions little did that person know what a chatty cathy I was!!! The can of warms was open! Which got me thinking how we all love to pick each others brains especially when it comes to kids!!! How do you make it easier? what do you do? what are the tricks? We all have our go to’s that we had blessed upon us from some saint of a women with 10kids or that crazy busy working single mom. We also all have our own that we have figured out along the way from trail and error or just “how the heck can I prevent this…” This is mine!!!

When my son was just a little over 6months old we took a family work trip with my Dad to Texas and Louisiana…5 flights in 6days with a 6 month old as a first time mom!!! ahhhh to say I was nervous is a bit of an understatement. I was so afraid of forgetting something i double/triple checked everything and once i knew i had everything my new fear was “what if i lose something, what if i lose his toys, pacifier, stuffed animal…” I knew I needed a plan a tool but what? The minute my Dad saw me standing there baby in ergo with about 5 things clipped to me, clipped to the ergo, clipped to my backpack he burst in to chuckle. He said “do you have enough clips lol” as the trip when on and the little guy kept throwing things he saw me for the genius I always knew I was. HAHAHAHA

The… Everything Clip…(not really sure what to call it) back then it was only meant to create an emergency nursing cover and turned into the most magical thing ever!! I used them for everything now! Connect blankets to strollers, blankets to ergo like carriers, swaddle blankets for a nursing cover, and my favorite toy leash!!! Ive even used them to keep my son from flipping his bib up, just clip to one edge of the bib and around the back of the baby to the other side and clip again! Genius I know, I know! Lol

I’ve made leather and fabric ones both are great! Fabric is of course easier to clean cause you can just throw it in the wash and be done. Leather is more of a hand wash situation. So if your not much of a leather worker but have a sewing machine you can totally hack this beauty!

All you need are two clips I like these enamal ones

And a piece to connect them! Fabric or leather is what I prefer anything from 18in on, depending on how versatile you want it to be.

As Always if you hate DIY click the shop link and pick one up from us!

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EPP!! Part 2 Zipper Pouch Carrier

Have you been busy little BEEs getting you EPP on? If you missed out on learning the easy way to EPP no fear and click HERE LOL I made a rhyme! ok not that funny but you probably smiled. Now that you’ve had a few days to play with what you’ve learned and probably have quite the collection of Hexies happening- how do you carry them? In a plastic bag at the bottom of your purse? No, no, no, we can’t have those beauties just floating around in there! Many quilters carry their finished EPPs in a box of some sort similar to this which totally works well and gets the job done, it’s just a little bulky for me. I prefer soft shelled everything cause, let’s be honest sometimes you have to squish things into your carry-on. Can I hashtag Shoppingproblems…so this is the little DIY pouch I carry mine in; it has quilted structure on the back for durability so you know it will last a long time, and the clear vinyl makes it easy to find everything. image


SUPPLIES for 12.5in x 9in:

  • Zipper 12in (or preferred size for your size pouch)
  • 1/4 yard Clear Vinyl
  • 1/2 yard Pellon 808 interface
  • 1/4 yard Pellon 987F Fusible Fleece
  • 1/4 yard of 3 different fabrics (front, back, **bias tape)
  • Hem tape (optional)
  • Matching thread
  • tape

***You can double your fun and make two just buy and extra zipper and one yard of Pellon 808!! These pouches are great for a lot of things, the one I’m making today is gonna be for diapers!

**If the idea of making bias tape is not up your ally have no fear Liv over at Sobiased has you covered!!! She has also graciously offered my reader 10% their ENTIRE order! Code: HONYMFIN10 I drool on myself all the time over her beauties, and no she did not pay me to say that it’s the truth!!!!

*When you get to Step #8 place a small piece of tape over your sewing machine foot to prevent the vinyl sticking


  • One 12.5 x 9in square out of… Front fabric, back fabric, and fusible fleece 987F.
  • One 12.5in x 7.5in square of clear vinyl
  • Two 12.5 x 9in square of the interface 808
  • Two 2in x 12.5in strips of the interface 808
  • 2yards 1/2in double folded bias tape
  • Two 2in x 12.5in strips from the same fabric as bias tapeimage

Now that you have all your pieces ready, let’s get down to the fun stuff!

  1. First iron on all your interfacing pieces. 1-front 1-back 1-both 2×12.5 stripsimage
  2. Now take either the back or the front piece it doesn’t matter which and iron on the fusible fleece, having both the interface and the fleece will give this pouch great structure. Feel free to omit one if you like it less structured.image
  3. Pin your now two layers together and quilt how ever you like, I’m doing 1/2in straight lines. Clean and easy. When you are done with the quiltting be sure to trim up the edges to get good clean lines.image
  4. To round both the bottom corners of your pouch you can either use a pre purchased template or just grab a round bowl, cup, plate and make your own!!! Fold in half when cutting to create a symmetrical corners.image
  5. Now we are going to cover our zipper so we get that clean look on the inside as well as the outside. Place One 2in strip facing right side up with the zipper facing up (zipper pull on the right side), then put the other 2in strip facing down and pin all 3 together or use hem tape to temporary adhere. Sew as close to the zipper as you can, fold over press, and stitch down.imageimageUse a zipper foot if you have one, if not that’s ok just go slow and try to get as close to the zipper as possible. I sew on a Bernina 530 and use a #4 zipper foot with my needle position to the far left.imageimage
  6. For step 6 you are going to need to make your bias tape or remember you can buy some from a great Etsy Shop Sobiased, I love love love her stuff (discount code HONYMFIN10)image
  7. This step is a little tricky if you’re a beginner but take your time go slow and you’re going to do amazing….. Take the vinyl and a 13in piece of your bias tape, sandwich the vinyl in between the layers of your bias tape. With your needle position to the far right stitch along the outer edge as close as you can. Repeat this stitch on the inner edge by moving your needle to the far left position, remember to make sure you are catching both edges top and bottom. Practice if you need to, you don’t want to seam rip this part, unfortunately vinyl doesn’t self heal the way fabric does. (Optional: I like my zipper covered with my fun fabric on the inside as well, use the same sandwiching technique imageimageimage
  8. Place your finished vinyl piece on top of your quilted piece pin together or use your hem tape, sew using 1/4 seam. (Use the tape on the foot here, trust me it helps) imageTrim all your edges clean.image
  9. Now last big step is to add your bias tape encasing all the unfinished edges. Start pinning your open bias tape while leaving a 4in tail (this tail will be used to connect the ending piece to the starting piece.  Sew just inside along the creased line, the layers are thick this will help when wrapping and folding over… Sew along until you reach the 1/4in before the corner, fold up and back down as shown in the picture, pin and continue to sew along through both rounded edges to the other corner and repeat.imageimage
  10. After you turn the last corner, sew a few inches and stop. This will give you an end tail. Remove from the machine and prepare to connect the two tails.imageIf when you open the bias tape it doesn’t lay flat, sew again slightly inside your original stitch line, pull it open again and test. Continue until you get a flat clean line.
  11. Fold over all your Bias Tape and Pin, or clip all the way around.image
  12. When Sewing Postion your needle to the left and begin. Your almost there!!! imageTruth time… I’m not great at bias tape, but that doesn’t stop me and I continue to practice, practice, practice and pick projects that will challenge me! I like to use a trailers Awl to keep my bias tape under control and I sew slower to make sure I catch both edges…If you notice in the picture I’m pushing the bias tape over the original stitch line, this is the best way to catch both sides.image
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Let’s Talk EPP!!! Part 1

Welcome to my first HONYMFIN Blog Post!!! I’m super excited about this adventure, now let’s see if I can do this in 1 nap time…fingers crossed HAHAHA.

Back in February after teaching a girl friend how to get her EPP on I thought it would be fun to teach a lot of friends all my personal do’s and don’ts. Get ready to become addicted!!!!

I’ve been English paper piecing (EPP) for some time now. It all started because my husband hated to road trip with me!!! Why you ask, well because if I’m not driving I’m taking Dramamine and sleeping 80% of the time from sheer boredom and a dose of sleeping no vommiting in the car medicine! But who wants to drive everywhere all the time?? Not me, so gotta keep those hands and mind busy. Even while traveling before we were married I would drag him along with me to the local fabric shop grabbing a little something for my stash every time. After a few trips you can image how fun it was to see those fabrics tucked away on my shelf telling a story of our adventures. How could I not put them into a quilt! But how to kill two birds, 1. Road trip narcolepsy  2. Memories, with one stone…mmm… Then one day I stumbled on some random blog and my quilting world opened up to so many beautiful hand pieced works of art.

All Images were provided by Google search English Paper Piecing


The great thing about EPP is you don’t really need a lot of money for your basic supplies to get started.  Just:

  • Paper (I like card stock)
  • Thread (I always use white)
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Fabric
  • Paper Clip


  1. Pick your shape! Hexagon, Triangle, Diamond… There are so many to choose from! I personally love Hexies so that’s what I am using. I used a 1inch, that means all sides measure 1inch and from point to point it’s 2inches. I bought a pack of these templates a while back and used them to create my foundation pieces(the paper). Now either buy pre-cut paper piecing, you can use the link I gave you when picking your shape or go to your local fabric shop to see in person and purchase there, or trace and cut your ownimage
  2. Pick Fabrics…no rules go with what you like and how ever many you may like. I recommend starting with a base pattern or color and pairing everything else around that. How much fabric you need will greatly depend the project you are trying to make, if you have no idea I recommend buying at least 1/4yard for small projects and 1/2 for large projects. Think in strips… 3inch strips cut into 3in squares will yield 14 hexagons. Now if you are using really nice fabric and want to save on yardage be daring and go ahead and cut 3×2.5in squares. (This is the method I use when not fussy cutting, if you are going that route go ahead and cut your squares into hexagons that are 1/2inch larger)image
  3. Now on the wrong side of the fabric hold your paper fountain against you hexagon, fold over one edge and use that handy dandy paper clip!!! image
  4. Next you will back stitch all the sides down found around continuously. If you don’t k now what back stitching is no problem! Sew starting on your right towards your left, pull the thread through and loop back over towards the right.imageimageimage
  5. If you’ve made it this far you are doing great! Pat yourself on the back and make a million more!!!image
  6. Once you’re ready to sew together decide your own pattern…flowers, straight line, staggered, anything want. If you can’t decide do a little Google image search to find a pattern to lust after.All Images were provided by Google search English Paper Piecing
  7. For example I’m going to use a flower, I normally use all white thread (The black is so you can see what I’m doing easily) and don’t wory about my stiches showing, remember this is hand made you want it to look hand made. You want all those hours of love and labor to SHOW!!! ….Ok so start with your center piece, this is the piece you want work off of building upon it as you go. To add pieces you want to whip stitch all the way around adding pieces as you go like thisimageimage
  8. Now that all the sides of your starter piece are sewn to new Hexies that will allow it to keep its shape you can remove the paper foundation. Once the center foundation paper piece is removed you can fold the center which will allow you to easily attach/sew all the peddles together. You will continue though out your Purse, quilt, mini, or whatever you decide to make…ONLY removing the paper pieces after all sides of that Hexi are join to another.image imageimage

An that’s it you’re done!!!!  Easy right?!?!?!imageHere are a few pictures of my travel quilt!!! I love it, I love that every star represents a year in not only travel but in my marriage. I started this when my husband and I first got engaged 5yrs ago!!! It has fabric that represents our honeymoon, friends and family weddings, and so many adventures. I hope you learn to love EPP and create your own beautiful travel map quilt!


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You guys I have been thinking about doing this for a long time now and I finally did it!!! Website for Honymfin!!! I’m so excited to grow my brand, my skills, and my online family.

Get ready to know a little to much about me and how my OCD is more like A type personality meet maker


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