EPP!! Part 2 Zipper Pouch Carrier

Have you been busy little BEEs getting you EPP on? If you missed out on learning the easy way to EPP no fear and click HERE LOL I made a rhyme! ok not that funny but you probably smiled. Now that you’ve had a few days to play with what you’ve learned and probably have quite the collection of Hexies happening- how do you carry them? In a plastic bag at the bottom of your purse? No, no, no, we can’t have those beauties just floating around in there! Many quilters carry their finished EPPs in a box of some sort similar to this which totally works well and gets the job done, it’s just a little bulky for me. I prefer soft shelled everything cause, let’s be honest sometimes you have to squish things into your carry-on. Can I hashtag Shoppingproblems…so this is the little DIY pouch I carry mine in; it has quilted structure on the back for durability so you know it will last a long time, and the clear vinyl makes it easy to find everything. image


SUPPLIES for 12.5in x 9in:

  • Zipper 12in (or preferred size for your size pouch)
  • 1/4 yard Clear Vinyl
  • 1/2 yard Pellon 808 interface
  • 1/4 yard Pellon 987F Fusible Fleece
  • 1/4 yard of 3 different fabrics (front, back, **bias tape)
  • Hem tape (optional)
  • Matching thread
  • tape

***You can double your fun and make two just buy and extra zipper and one yard of Pellon 808!! These pouches are great for a lot of things, the one I’m making today is gonna be for diapers!

**If the idea of making bias tape is not up your ally have no fear Liv over at Sobiased has you covered!!! She has also graciously offered my reader 10% their ENTIRE order! Code: HONYMFIN10 I drool on myself all the time over her beauties, and no she did not pay me to say that it’s the truth!!!!

*When you get to Step #8 place a small piece of tape over your sewing machine foot to prevent the vinyl sticking


  • One 12.5 x 9in square out of… Front fabric, back fabric, and fusible fleece 987F.
  • One 12.5in x 7.5in square of clear vinyl
  • Two 12.5 x 9in square of the interface 808
  • Two 2in x 12.5in strips of the interface 808
  • 2yards 1/2in double folded bias tape
  • Two 2in x 12.5in strips from the same fabric as bias tapeimage

Now that you have all your pieces ready, let’s get down to the fun stuff!

  1. First iron on all your interfacing pieces. 1-front 1-back 1-both 2×12.5 stripsimage
  2. Now take either the back or the front piece it doesn’t matter which and iron on the fusible fleece, having both the interface and the fleece will give this pouch great structure. Feel free to omit one if you like it less structured.image
  3. Pin your now two layers together and quilt how ever you like, I’m doing 1/2in straight lines. Clean and easy. When you are done with the quiltting be sure to trim up the edges to get good clean lines.image
  4. To round both the bottom corners of your pouch you can either use a pre purchased template or just grab a round bowl, cup, plate and make your own!!! Fold in half when cutting to create a symmetrical corners.image
  5. Now we are going to cover our zipper so we get that clean look on the inside as well as the outside. Place One 2in strip facing right side up with the zipper facing up (zipper pull on the right side), then put the other 2in strip facing down and pin all 3 together or use hem tape to temporary adhere. Sew as close to the zipper as you can, fold over press, and stitch down.imageimageUse a zipper foot if you have one, if not that’s ok just go slow and try to get as close to the zipper as possible. I sew on a Bernina 530 and use a #4 zipper foot with my needle position to the far left.imageimage
  6. For step 6 you are going to need to make your bias tape or remember you can buy some from a great Etsy Shop Sobiased, I love love love her stuff (discount code HONYMFIN10)image
  7. This step is a little tricky if you’re a beginner but take your time go slow and you’re going to do amazing….. Take the vinyl and a 13in piece of your bias tape, sandwich the vinyl in between the layers of your bias tape. With your needle position to the far right stitch along the outer edge as close as you can. Repeat this stitch on the inner edge by moving your needle to the far left position, remember to make sure you are catching both edges top and bottom. Practice if you need to, you don’t want to seam rip this part, unfortunately vinyl doesn’t self heal the way fabric does. (Optional: I like my zipper covered with my fun fabric on the inside as well, use the same sandwiching technique imageimageimage
  8. Place your finished vinyl piece on top of your quilted piece pin together or use your hem tape, sew using 1/4 seam. (Use the tape on the foot here, trust me it helps) imageTrim all your edges clean.image
  9. Now last big step is to add your bias tape encasing all the unfinished edges. Start pinning your open bias tape while leaving a 4in tail (this tail will be used to connect the ending piece to the starting piece.  Sew just inside along the creased line, the layers are thick this will help when wrapping and folding over… Sew along until you reach the 1/4in before the corner, fold up and back down as shown in the picture, pin and continue to sew along through both rounded edges to the other corner and repeat.imageimage
  10. After you turn the last corner, sew a few inches and stop. This will give you an end tail. Remove from the machine and prepare to connect the two tails.imageIf when you open the bias tape it doesn’t lay flat, sew again slightly inside your original stitch line, pull it open again and test. Continue until you get a flat clean line.
  11. Fold over all your Bias Tape and Pin, or clip all the way around.image
  12. When Sewing Postion your needle to the left and begin. Your almost there!!! imageTruth time… I’m not great at bias tape, but that doesn’t stop me and I continue to practice, practice, practice and pick projects that will challenge me! I like to use a trailers Awl to keep my bias tape under control and I sew slower to make sure I catch both edges…If you notice in the picture I’m pushing the bias tape over the original stitch line, this is the best way to catch both sides.image
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2 thoughts on “EPP!! Part 2 Zipper Pouch Carrier

  1. Hayley mesplie

    What if I just want to buy these from you? I love them! I am a full time mom to two two and under and a full time psychologist so I just don’t have time to make.

    1. honymfin@gmail.com Post author

      Hayley!!! Yes of course anything I do a tutorial on I will also add as an item to purchase!!! I have a flamingo one up on my Etsy shop page now and will be adding a couple more color options this week! Click the link at the top of my website that says “shop” and it should direct you to my etsy. or honymfin.etsy.com


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